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Being tied down and forced to watch a video clip by a rockstar celebrity with tight abs long hair and no brains more than once or twice.

In large doses blondage is known to cause brain damage bad perms and tight skirts in females.
He was subjected to blondage when he went to her parents house. There was nothing else to watch.
by Vigo the Conqueror March 26, 2010
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used as a pronoun for an attractive female with blonde hair. usually used if the female's name is unknown.
Dan: hey Darco, who was that girl that asked you out on Friday?

Darco: some blondage, I think she said her name was Paulina, Christina, or something like that...
by Darco July 11, 2006
Blondage is the process of tricking a blonde female into having bondage sex.
"Sorry I'm late, I had some great blondage sex last night"
by Ronald Schlongford July 21, 2014
when a man dates or chases only blonde women
a combo of blonde and bondage
thank god i divorced her, i was tired of being in blondage
by cheaptrickrick February 05, 2010

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