When a drunk girl is blowing you, and she gags and vomits on your cock.
Drunk Girl: so, i was like BLASTED, and we were in the hot tub, and i was going down on him, and like i gagged, and i soooo blomited all over him
by huanisthere May 15, 2007
Top Definition
Portmanteau of blood and vomit.
Dude, she just blomited all over your computer.
by Fur Gots August 18, 2008
When someone gets punched so hard in the kidneys or stomach that they vomit blood, or blomit.
After Billy punched Josh hard in the gut, Josh began to blomit all over; thus losing the fight.
by Vincent H. September 08, 2007
Excessive writing or posting to a blog; "blog vomit."
"I don't bother following John's blog anymore. Been a lot of blomit on there lately."
by mustdestroyalltraces August 24, 2009
The act of receiving a blow job and simultaneously puking.
I think i'm about to puke I could really go for a blomit.
by BS, SG, Chaz February 15, 2008
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