a chocolate flavored marijuana cigar, usually produced via packing an emptied "Black & Mild" with dried cannabis buds.
Let me take a fat rip off that blizzle, yo.
by fat fucking penis March 19, 2003
Top Definition
A Blunt or cannabis containing cigar, similar to the word 'Wim Bizzle' (a spliff); both are of Nottingham Origin.
'If Tupac was here he'd surely say "Lizzle another blizzle and get this party underway"'
by M Bizzle March 30, 2005
A blizzle is another word for a rillo or blunt thats tobacco has been removed and replaced with marijuana. Sometimes, tobacco is mixed with the marijuana, but this is not the preferred method of marijuana purists.
"Let's burn this blizzle down!"
"Hey pass that blizzle over here."
by Ganja Babe September 25, 2008
The act of a woman performing oral sex on a man, also known as a blowjob.
Me & your mom usually bang it out on a consistant basis, but I still make that bitch give me a blizzle every now and then.
by beauxbadeaux April 01, 2008
a slang term for the smoking product a black and mild
pass me the blizzle nigga.
by clydell February 01, 2003
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