1, A large storm (usually including snow)
2, A large storm (usually containing Dandruff)
3, A computer game's manufacturer who have successfully taken money from the majority of 12-year-old annoyances that surf the net (i salute you blizzard)
4, A large storm (usually containing a womans hair..very very bushy hair for that matter)
Guy - "Oh god that was a really big storm..i'm coverd in all this white stuff"

Gal - "erm that's not snow"


Minor - "OMG!! Blizzard can't do anything right, *%@#% bliz"

Man - "You try running a game than, or try running across a railway track and improve our gene-pool"
by Arronax September 01, 2006
When a man and women are engaged in intercourse using the "doggy-style" position and the man pulls out the moment before climax calls his partners name and when she turns around he ejaculates in her eyes. Also known as the, "White Out" or "Gooey Goggles".
Blinded by the blizzard, Betsie was unable to see Jim.
by koboldakawillywonkanuts November 21, 2007
When you give a girl 8-10 inches in the ass-she won't be walking outside for a week.
Wow, my ass hurts after he gave me a Blizzard last night.
by Quid May 01, 2005
Gettin a Blow from a whore
That bitch gave my disney a blizzard!
by E-rock diggity July 27, 2006
An Act of belittleing a man. After a Man cums inside a woman. She then stands over him and queefs the contents of her vagina onto the mans face and body.
"I fucked Brandy last night, I thought everything was great and then that bitch gave me a blizzard."
by Charger Brent May 28, 2006
Supporter of the nerds of America.
If it weren't for Blizzard, what would nerdy kids sit around at home doing in their rooms all day on the computer besides gay porn?
by cool June 10, 2003
A nickname I gave this person who lies, stabs you in the back & makes u feel like crap on purpose. Blizzard should die & then die some more.
Person 1-"I hate Blizzard"
Person 2- "Yeah don't we all?"
Person 1-"Yupp we all certainly do!"
by 666 May 30, 2004
1)A large international gaming company which creates some of the most addicting games for the computer anyone has yet to see, but does not give a shit about anything after the initial release of the game.
2)Gaming Company with No Tech Support
3)Gaming Company which is best friends with "Care Bears"
4)Gaming Company whos CEO molests small children while fingering himself with money they refuse to spend on upgrading servers.
1) Blizzard sucks
2) Damn, these guys are blizzards
3) Why does <company name> have to be such a Blizzard?
4) <No Usage>, Just an insult to any company.....
by Th3Guy April 03, 2006
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