1, A large storm (usually including snow)
2, A large storm (usually containing Dandruff)
3, A computer game's manufacturer who have successfully taken money from the majority of 12-year-old annoyances that surf the net (i salute you blizzard)
4, A large storm (usually containing a womans hair..very very bushy hair for that matter)
Guy - "Oh god that was a really big storm..i'm coverd in all this white stuff"

Gal - "erm that's not snow"


Minor - "OMG!! Blizzard can't do anything right, *%@#% bliz"

Man - "You try running a game than, or try running across a railway track and improve our gene-pool"
by Arronax September 01, 2006
A game company that thinks "soon" is a month++
We are happy to announce that we will soon be accepting applicants for the World of Warcraft® Open Beta Test for North America.
by DeathKiller October 23, 2004
After a man blows his wad into his women mouth she pretends to swallow, only to blow it back into his face with her lips vibrating thus creating a spray that covers his face.
Pissed off that jonathen came in her mouth amanda gave him a violent "Blizzard".
by The transmitter November 09, 2010
a violent storm of blood and jizz
The girl kicked me in the balls as I was about to come. She got a blizzard right in the face.
by Cleveland, Puncher of Donkeys April 11, 2010
the use of bath salts as a drug
A kid at my school overdosed on blizzards.
by TrevorAmazingGrace March 29, 2011
To cum between your partners ass cheeks.
As he fucking me from behind he said, " Are you cold baby? Here comes the Blizzard!", and then came between my ass cheeks.
by blizinbitches February 02, 2011
An insult in which you are referring to the person as someone who only cares about money and would sell air to a blind person.
Person 1:" Hello blind person would you like to buy what I have in this box?"
BlindPerson: "Why what is in the box good sir"
Person 1: " It is a fantastic substance that could keep you alive for the rest of your life!!! YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS PRODUCT!!"
Person 2: "Hey quit being a fucking blizzard man"
by GreyT1 April 21, 2010
A large, very windy snowstorm, resulting in at least five inches of snow. Commonly mistaken as a little snowfall with around 3 inches in most of the lower forty-eight states and Hawaii.
Weatherman: On Monday, February 15, there's gonna be a blizzard on the way to the east coast! We will get almost 7 inches of snow.

Young Viewer: Wow, with the snow we're already in, we probably can't go to school for the 11th day in a row.
by Alaska-man February 16, 2010

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