the act of ejaculating into a fan thus causing the sperm to fly in all directions and covering any person thats in front of it
after i had sex with that bitch last night I gave her a blizzard
by hplg December 12, 2009
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When the male shakes his penis vigorously over his girlfriends face while he is cumming to create a blizzard like effect.
Yo man! I gave my girlfriend a blizzard last night in the back seat of the car and she had nothing to wipe it off with so she had to get out and wipe her face on the grass.
by Detroit What MOFO December 06, 2010
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A company that shatters the hopes and dreams of people around the world by feeding them false patch update news for World of Warcraft and getting them excited for nothing.
"Did you hear about Druid healers being buffed next patch? I can't wait!"

"Nah man, it's Blizzard, do you really think they'd stick with it?"
by HellsingDMC November 01, 2014
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makes games with really bad graphics but awesome gameplay. in other words, they make games people still play years after being released.
warcraft, starcraft, and diablo are blizzard's three major series.
by bobertdude January 26, 2009
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One of the actual best customer service providers for MMO games. No matter how much you complain about them screwing you over, they help a lot more compared to other games.
Ungratefull Blizzard customer: Hey Blizzard! A glitch made me loose an item!

3 days later

Blizzard GM: Hello, <insert name here> I understand you have lost a precious item, let me restore it to you.

Ungratefull Blizzard customer: Hey Blizzard! This game is stupid, I want my money back!

Blizzard employee: We are sorry that you are unsatisfied with our product and shall give you a full refund. (They did)

Neopet customer: Hey Neopets team! !hen are you gana fix the fairy abilities?

Neopets team: We will fix it soon

(10 years later, not fixed...)

Neopets customer: Theres a bug in this webpage

Neopets team: (no response)

Nexon customer: Help Nexon my acount got hacked!

8 months later

Nexon employee: *click banned!

Nexon customer: Hey I just saw some guy cheating with god mode

Nexon employee: *click banned! (not the god mode guy)

Nexon customer: I just wanted to say this game is awesome!

Nexon employee: *click banned!

Nexon customer: WTF?

Blizzard customer after Neopets and Nexon: Hey Blizzard, I fell of the map and am in endless fall.

7 hours later

Blizzard GM: Oh hello warcraft player, let me unstuck you, *unstucks would you also like to see the not yet released mount hyjal area? (Some GMs really do this for a short time if you ask)

Gratefull Blizzard customer: Wow I just realized this service doesn't suck compared to other games!
by Now Gratefull Blizzard custome December 13, 2010
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1. A company unable to complete maintenance on time.
2. A company manned by a jolly fat man with a snowy white beard (patch days only).
Blizzard finally completed their maintenance 2 hours after their scheduled completion time.

"Like omg!111one dude! blizz4rd r3leased patch111oneone GANK GANK GANK"
by World of Warcraft Forums April 17, 2005
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A Warcraft III spell used by the human hero "Arch Mage".
I hope that AM doesnt cast blizzard on my mass archers!
by www.eternalsoldiers.net July 26, 2003
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