when ejaculate spurts out in a frozen/cold form, like a semen blizzard.
when jack and judy came in from the cold, judy gave jack head and he then blizzed all over her chest.
by jleim1sz December 18, 2009
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Slang for a blunt. If you don't know a blunt a healthy amount of reefer rolled up in a cigar leaf, preferably a Dutchmaster of Backwood

Also the nickaname of my math teacher, Mr. BLizz
Let's go smoke a blizz

Hey Mr. Blizz, how do I take the intergral of this differential equation?
by Mack Smartin April 15, 2004
Yeah you got it right a blizz is a rolled up blunt with weed. Can be any blunt dutches, back woods whatevers your pleasure
Spark sumptin, blaze that blizz up
by Peachez June 09, 2004
1. Flexing with a hyped up personality, usually after getting tipsy.

2. A personality that carries an authentic vibe which is unique to a person.
e.g. 1. I went to the party after 11:00, and after 1 hour I was feeling the Blizz.

2. We like to hang out with Gripa because he has the Blizz.
by Grippamc February 12, 2012
Short for Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind the MMORPG, World of Warcraft. Known to the game's players as strict, unpersuasive, and oblivious to what the gamers REALLY want in the game.
Dude, Blizz is so gay, they issued a server shut down while we were in Molten Core!
by Alanus August 22, 2006
a mixture of blood and jizz
Dude: My girlfriend kicked me in the balls last week. When i come, its been nothing but blizz.
Doctor: Hm, this is serious. We may have to amputate.
by Cleveland, Puncher of Donkeys April 11, 2010
An extremely gifted white rapper who shines with versatility.
A man named Blizz is often able to create music a wide variety of people can appreciate. Even those who listen exclusively to rock will often find themsleves bobbing their heads to his mastery of beats and rhymes. Blizz' are often attracted to black women and may date black women exclusively. Good with his hands and talented in several ways..music remains his love and steady pastime. Blizz' are however often lazy and hermits. This would be the only thing stopping Blizz from becoming rich and famous. A woman may also hold him back from his dreams until it is too late and nobody cares anymore.
Blizz' new track is amazing. I dont know why he isnt famous!!
by Shparkabellydanz April 08, 2010

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