To complain about something when writing on a blog.
Out on the net, there is a lot of blitching.
by Hudog December 07, 2005
A University of Idaho Delta-Chi.
A poser wearing carat studs and backwards hat.
by STURGINATOR February 03, 2005
a nicer rendition of BITCH. Instead of saying the more offensice word, just say blitch.
Girl 1- So are you going to see Derick night after he cheated on you?
Girl 2-Blitch please!
by Ana December 07, 2003
Extreme sadness at some joyous ocurrence
I won the blitchin lottery
by Anonymous February 15, 2002
A blonde bitch. A platinum blonde bitch who thinks shes the shit.
I hate nasty blitches, who think their the shit.
by Wazhma March 30, 2008
A recurrent and/or annoying glitch in a video game
I can't get past this fuckin' blitch!

This is one blitchy-ass glitch.
by Jones River Fran April 15, 2008
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