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Looking at Derek Rocco's Perfect body in gym class everyday.
Derek Rocco: Hot 14 year old with curly brown hair and handsome brown eyes. How could you not look at that???
by pyrostar16 June 23, 2004
glossy, shiny, red-ish like
after you smoke weed, your eyes get bliss
by MURDAH March 15, 2005
A fat man who weighs about a metric ton. Also fears Hitler. Suggestivly proves that he's gay.

Has been seen at: Kings, Best Buy, CompUSA, Chillies, Circuit City, Wendy's, AppleBee's, Mc Donnalds, Burger King, White Castle, and Dentistry?!
MY GOD! Is that a walking ball of fat or is it just BLISS?!
by ¥DONG¥ November 09, 2003