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The upper half of the city New Sheoth in the Oblivion Shivering Isle expantion.
In the city of Bliss i can buy amber armor.
by Kuenzli April 06, 2008
5 5
The stereotypical windows XP desktop wallpaper featuring rolling green hills, a blue partly cloudy sky, and much photoshopping to change the lighting.

The third most-famous thing from New Zealand, preceded by Lord of the Rings and Flight of the Conchords, but with infinitely more suckage.
God-fucking-dammit. Why does every computer in the computer lab have to have Bliss on it?
by BootsWithDaFur December 23, 2008
3 5
Original meaning is obvious but some dumb chav decided to change the meaning to really cold.
Chav Cunt 1: 'Bruv, it's real bliss out here.'
Chav Cunt 2: 'Ennit blud!
by Chavinator June 09, 2011
1 4
a friendly fairy; abundence of happieness that causes unusual behavior.
She met a bliss at the fair. She was complete with bliss.
by amber January 18, 2004
5 14
To go without a bra or support of your breats....braless
Suzie looks awful bliss today!
by dani March 10, 2005
18 28
Useage: adverb - Ignorance.
Yo, Fool! Everybody knows dat ignorance is bliss!
by Tall_Dave February 27, 2006
8 19
Somone who tracks down dumbasses who think its funny to post shit like "weighs a metric ton" on urban dictionary
I know who you are and I boned your MOM!
by ¥DONG¥ Killer! April 05, 2005
12 24