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The upper half of the city New Sheoth in the Oblivion Shivering Isle expantion.
In the city of Bliss i can buy amber armor.
by Kuenzli April 06, 2008
The stereotypical windows XP desktop wallpaper featuring rolling green hills, a blue partly cloudy sky, and much photoshopping to change the lighting.

The third most-famous thing from New Zealand, preceded by Lord of the Rings and Flight of the Conchords, but with infinitely more suckage.
God-fucking-dammit. Why does every computer in the computer lab have to have Bliss on it?
by BootsWithDaFur December 23, 2008
Original meaning is obvious but some dumb chav decided to change the meaning to really cold.
Chav Cunt 1: 'Bruv, it's real bliss out here.'
Chav Cunt 2: 'Ennit blud!
by Chavinator June 09, 2011
a friendly fairy; abundence of happieness that causes unusual behavior.
She met a bliss at the fair. She was complete with bliss.
by amber January 18, 2004
To go without a bra or support of your breats....braless
Suzie looks awful bliss today!
by dani March 10, 2005
Useage: adverb - Ignorance.
Yo, Fool! Everybody knows dat ignorance is bliss!
by Tall_Dave February 27, 2006
Somone who tracks down dumbasses who think its funny to post shit like "weighs a metric ton" on urban dictionary
I know who you are and I boned your MOM!
by ¥DONG¥ Killer! April 05, 2005