A pleasent state of mind, peace, and happyness, which is what you get (or just what i get) when listening to the fantabulous song by the fantabulous band Muse...

Listen to it, and you'll know why they called it Bliss :)
Bliss qoted lyrics:

Everything about you is so easy to love,
They're watching you from above...
by cajagoogoo November 23, 2005
complete, utter happiness without any complaints. Like a feeling of floating on cloud nine
Today I was driving with John and saw this love bug, it was blissful.
by nerdykk June 17, 2009
1. a state where you feel happy and above all very relaxed. Usually one in state of bliss has seemingly lost all forms of concentration.
2. natural high
3. a very good song by Muse
if you have no worries thats when you have a good chance to enter the state of bliss
by El Jeffo November 26, 2006
1. An incredible song by muse

2. Enjoyment caused by listening to the song of the same name.
Im in Bliss from Bliss
by Semajal September 16, 2003
Stands for Beautiful Ladies In Short Shorts.
The meaning of life.
There she goes! BLISS!
by ha22y September 02, 2013
To be very happy about something, even so that you don't pay attention to any of your/their surroundings
Johnny was so cheerful that he was in a somewhat, very Bliss state.
by ThatGuyKian April 04, 2015
A drug either taken as eye drops or orally. Contains morphine and LSD. Great drug :D
"Bliss is most definitely where it is at."
"Yes, That shit is way hardcore."
by Jaaake March 31, 2008
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