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The term is a portmanteau of breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is a long, leisurely and often unplanned breakfast with friends that eventually turns into lunch and continues through dinner. Although Blinners are uncommon in the United States, they are more widely enjoyed in less workaholic societies.

Blinner's true essence is about community building over a long and lingering meal. However, some have come to use it in a way that represents isolation, scarcity and the fast paced life in the United States where individuals are too busy or unable to afford eating three meals a day and hence are confined to a blinner.
I really enjoyed our blinner last Saturday and haven't recovered yet from all the eating!
by FoodLoverinLA June 24, 2010
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A meal that one desires to, or is restricted to eat for one day, becoming their breakfast lunch and dinner.
Dude 1 - "I ran out of food the other day, this granola bar is all I have left."

Dude 2 - "Man, that's a shitty blinner."
by Meehow November 28, 2005
your first and last meal of the day. usually around 3-6 is blinner time
Dude I just had my blinner so I'm not that hungry right now
by iLikeBlinner July 27, 2009
breakfast + lunch + dinner
Only one heavy meal for the day, it combines breakfast, lunch and dinner
After Saturday night's wild party, he enjoyed a nice and lazy blinner on Sunday.
by VarshaS October 29, 2007
The mixing of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner into one meal.
I knew i wasn't gonna eat again today, so i just had blinner.
by Squalukal October 11, 2007
When the one meal you eat that day is your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I woke up late for work and missed breakfast, worked through lunch and came home to eat my one meal that day, blinner.
by Josh Kaye October 10, 2007
A one-meal-a-day deal... Usually a slightly heavier meal in the early evening of a slightly hectic day, a blinner is a substitute for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Keeps you alive and keeps you working.
I've been so busy today, I haven't had time for breakfast or lunch... Now it's 6 in the evening... Guess I'll just make do with a blinner..."
by thelonewolf667 July 13, 2011

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