When your penis goes in and out of your forskin repeadidly.
That white boys not a blinker because they usually gets theirs cut off.
by Juanninator October 10, 2006
Top Definition
A light that flashes on and off; sometimes referring to directional turn signals on an automobile or the hazard lights.
Mary was driving so fast she didn't turn on her left turn blinker until she was just a few yards from the corner.
by Richard Black April 03, 2005
A shocking event that literally makes you blink because you cant believe what you have seen with your eyes.
" Mate did you see that dude fall off the stage? What a blinker!"
by oh pioneers December 19, 2008
a foreign vehicular feature to the drivers of Los Angeles
Non-L.A. Driver: I wouldn't have hit your car if I had known you were trying to get into my lane! Why didn't you use a blinker?!

L.A. Driver: Well, geez! You can't expect my Audi to have EVERY new feature.

Non-L.A. Driver: (glares disbelievingly)
by ASilentHero September 07, 2011
When you cum shot into a persons eye.
"I gave that chick 2 blinkers last night!"
by SebDejesus March 06, 2014
a star that appears to change colors. some people also refer to it as a twinkling star. see also winker.
Hey Jeremy, look at that blinker next to the little dipper.
by im-on-a-boat February 12, 2010
The act of ditching an unattractive date. coined by the Situation of the hit show Jersey Shore.
Dude i pulled a blinker on those two grenades but they followed me to the car.
by whorescoredaylord August 11, 2011
a term for when a girl is giving a guy head on her back and she blinks every time his balls slap her chin

i got a blinker from sally last night
by TVG November 11, 2005
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