When you are so tired you start blinking, and everytime your eyes shut you fall asleep then when your eyes open from the blink you startle yourself awake.
Guy 1 Don't blink sleep it sucks
guy2 I know I was blink sleeping at the movies
by Haharyne February 13, 2010
Top Definition
You know those nights when you're ridiculously tired, you're in bed, you close your eyes, you open them what feels like a millisecond later, and eight hours have passed. That's blink sleep. It's a mother bitch.
Emily: Ohh man, I totally had blink sleep last night.

Sacha: Ohh so did I man, it was fucking hideous. I slept for 6 hours but it literally felt like a heartbeat.

Emily: Ennit!
by justchillin(: November 20, 2010
The Act of blinking, but in the process falling asleep when your eyes shut and startling yourself awake when they open. All in the timespan of a blink.
Guy 1: Want to stay up tonight?

Guy 2: No i don't want to blink sleep driving home.
by Haharyne March 06, 2010
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