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When you are so tired you start blinking, and everytime your eyes shut you fall asleep then when your eyes open from the blink you startle yourself awake.
Guy 1 Don't blink sleep it sucks
guy2 I know I was blink sleeping at the movies
by Haharyne February 13, 2010
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You know those nights when you're ridiculously tired, you're in bed, you close your eyes, you open them what feels like a millisecond later, and eight hours have passed. That's blink sleep. It's a mother bitch.
Emily: Ohh man, I totally had blink sleep last night.

Sacha: Ohh so did I man, it was fucking hideous. I slept for 6 hours but it literally felt like a heartbeat.

Emily: Ennit!
by justchillin(: November 20, 2010
26 6
The Act of blinking, but in the process falling asleep when your eyes shut and startling yourself awake when they open. All in the timespan of a blink.
Guy 1: Want to stay up tonight?

Guy 2: No i don't want to blink sleep driving home.
by Haharyne March 06, 2010
3 5