1) verb: in the game of beer pong the act of a girl attempting to blow a spinning ball out the cup at the same time that a dude is attempting to finger a spinning ball out of the cup

2) noun: blinger is the act of a man receiving a blow job at the same time as he is fingering the woman

3) verb: the act of performing the sexual act known as a blinger (see definition 2)
1) Seriously - is that legal? That was a blinger. Check the laminated rules

2) That girl's cooch was so nasty that when she asked me to 69 her I made her settle for a blinger instead

3) Bling her? I barely even know her - but I certainly would never go down on her
by pool party 2011 June 26, 2011
Top Definition
A rare hybrid race on the brink of extinction, essentially, a black skinned ginger. Originally thought to have been extinct until one was recently spotted in the heart of Liverpool.
Whoa look at E, he's got pitch black skin and bright orange hair, dude's a blinger.
by Mick Swagger August 07, 2007
uncooked cocaine mixed with water and baking soda then smoked on tin foil.
Yo bro tryna smoke a blinger?

Fuck crack i smoke blingers.
by Blinger300 December 18, 2014
When you cannot determine whether a girl is blonde or ginger.
Rich: Yeah shes that blonde girl
Bish: I thought she was ginger?
Rich: Good call, shes a bit of both...she's blinger
by Rich Holness April 29, 2008
A person who is half black, half ginger. Blinger.
Who wants to be blasian when you can be blinger?
by ClairePetrini18 February 03, 2012
a black ginger.
Krissy: OMG! Sunny, Devell is a blinger!!
Sunny: Dudeeee, he is! A black ginger!
Devell: ......you got one more gin to call me that
by Mary Janeee August 19, 2012
When a person of color has red hair, a form of the word "ginger" when used towards people of caucasian skin who have red hair.
"I have seen others like me, but I have never seen a blinger before."
by Clerky October 30, 2011
One who blings in a fashionable sense.
"I got bling-bling," exclaimed Ernie the Blinger.
by Didda Tinkle May 24, 2004
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