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any jewllery that is shiny and flashy
including silver, gold dimands, platnum, could also be fake but as long as it looks good!
BLING-BLING, money aint a thing!
by thug_b June 12, 2005
13 8
1. A word used by people who have all their normal chromosomes to act like someone who has Down syndrome.
numbnut: Yo, chwek owt my knew whims bwing bwing

translation: yo, check out my new rims bling bling
by swollengoat February 21, 2009
9 9
~Bling bling is dead~. It can no longer be used in a stylish manner to describe shiny jewels or rims.

Its death was caused by too many white people using it loosley.
jon: hey look at this bling bling i be wearin.
Me: your sucha a cracka, and you aint fly
by Tdowns August 16, 2007
45 47
The term NOT to use in commercials.
Even parents can bling!

I love to bling!
by hamstersruletheworld! May 18, 2005
9 11
Your jewelry that is iced out or crushed out with diamonds, usually platinum or gold: watches(Gucci, Rolex, Cartier), chains, pieces, bracelets, and platinum or gold slugs(teeth).
Whats happen whoadie! I went down to the Gucci to buy some new bling-bling. Check it out cousin. This i how we do it down south, whoadie!
by anonymous October 15, 2003
7 10
An ebonetic verb or noun describing the rather gawdy and tacky, huge, gangsta preferred costume jewelry worn by urban ghetto thugs. Also: Sparklie
VERB: He be bling-bling.

NOUN: He have bling-bling in his grill.
by Charles E. Smithers October 09, 2003
18 21
The gleam/shine that comes off something new.
by 2pac August 07, 2003
21 24