A YouTube channel that would be a lot better if it weren't christian.
Blimeycow would rock if it weren't so Christian, yuck!!!!!
by A FREE RELIGOUS BELIEVER! October 13, 2012
Top Definition
A youtube channel that's good because it's actually Christian rather than just bland pretend to be happy media marketed to people who go to church on Sunday sometimes. Maybe. If the weather is nice.
"Man, those Blimeycow guys are actually talking about things that happen in real life! Who knew Christianity had anything to do with that?"
by happytocoexist December 02, 2013
BlimeyCow is a comedy Youtube Channel which stars siblings Jordan and Josh Taylor and Josh's wife Kelli Taylor. They are known for being very sarcastic in their videos and having Christian themes. They currently have 2 different weekly shows. Messy Monday's is usually about a trending or controversial topic. Jordan's Messyges are videos where viewers send in their questions and Jordan answers them.
Bryson: "Have you seen that new BlimeyCow episode? It was hilarious!"

Me: "Yeah I did! Jordan is so sarcastic!"
by LoveAddict5 June 21, 2014
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