Blim is a word originated from the burns caused by the excess of hot ash falling from a hash splif.
"AAAH SHIT! my new trackies is blimmed to fock now!"
by Dan Turpin March 17, 2005
Top Definition
A small piece of hash.
"Dude, I lost that blim!"
by -Mikey Griffiths, King Of Wales- February 12, 2003
A small, possibly too little to share with you, amount of Cannabis.
Chris couldn't sell me any dope, but he did lend me a blim.
by Steve Clarke September 30, 2003
A glowing peice of cannabis, usually hashish, that has fallen out of the joint
Shit man that blim neally burnt my t-shirt
by Mr xD February 19, 2005
a burn to the fingers or any other part of the body after hot ash has fallen from a joint on to the area in question
Ouch, careful when youre passing.. you just gave me a blim!
by jambo April 25, 2004
an exclamation (similar to "POW")

commonly used when describing a fight
When that dude punched the cop.. he was like BLIM!!! and took off runnin.
by BROSKEW May 27, 2009
Slang word synonymous for blunt (marijuana cigarette). Commonly used in the suburbs of northern Rochester, New York. Derived from a local dialect based loosely on Polish & Yiddish. Short for blimski.
"Yo Dezzie, lets go puff on a blim and figure out where to get a trash plate."

"Need me to bring a blimski to wash down the Genny Light?"
by stinkygreen July 16, 2009

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