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Blim is a word originated from the burns caused by the excess of hot ash falling from a hash splif.
"AAAH SHIT! my new trackies is blimmed to fock now!"
by Dan Turpin March 17, 2005
A small piece of hash.
"Dude, I lost that blim!"
by -Mikey Griffiths, King Of Wales- February 12, 2003
A small, possibly too little to share with you, amount of Cannabis.
Chris couldn't sell me any dope, but he did lend me a blim.
by Steve Clarke September 30, 2003
A glowing peice of cannabis, usually hashish, that has fallen out of the joint
Shit man that blim neally burnt my t-shirt
by Mr xD February 19, 2005
an exclamation (similar to "POW")

commonly used when describing a fight
When that dude punched the cop.. he was like BLIM!!! and took off runnin.
by BROSKEW May 27, 2009
a burn to the fingers or any other part of the body after hot ash has fallen from a joint on to the area in question
Ouch, careful when youre passing.. you just gave me a blim!
by jambo April 25, 2004
Slang word synonymous for blunt (marijuana cigarette). Commonly used in the suburbs of northern Rochester, New York. Derived from a local dialect based loosely on Polish & Yiddish. Short for blimski.
"Yo Dezzie, lets go puff on a blim and figure out where to get a trash plate."

"Need me to bring a blimski to wash down the Genny Light?"
by stinkygreen July 16, 2009