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An Afrikaans game similar to hide-and-seek. A person sits on "den" which is a sealed tin filled with pebbles placed in the centre of a drawn circle. He counts to 100 and then tries to find the other players. When he finds them he shouts "Bikaspaai vir (for)" and the friends name and where he is hiding. The person that was "on" must then run back to the circle and kick the tin away. The friend that was found must then run and retrieve the tin and place it back on it's spot. While he does this the person who was on goes to hide. The person who was caught is now on and can only start to look for people once the tin has been returned to the middle of the circle. During the game players can also kick the tin away while screaming "Blikaspaaaaaiii!". This gives people time to find a better hiding place as the person who is "on" can only search once they replace the tin on the centre of the circle.
"Blikaspaai vir Johan agter die boom!".
by Boeremuisie November 18, 2013
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