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OMG there's a new season! It's called BLEURGAL. Bleugal is the season that is like no other. It is the transition period between 2 official seasons, where those seasons share the same characteristics!


February=Winter Bleurgal (a mix between Winter and Spring!).


May=Spring Bleurgal (a mix between Spring and Summer!).


August=Summer Bleurgal (a mix between Summer and Autumn!).


Nov=Autumn Bleurgal (a mix between Autumn and Winter!).
Person 1: omg, it's really cold, but it's august! isn't it supposed to be summer?!
Person 2: oh, didn't you hear? it's bleurgal. it's august, but sometimes hot and sometimes cold. so it's sometimes summer and sometimes autumn. you know, bleurgal.
by BleurgalSpecialist May 29, 2011