someone who is of less than average intelligence
stop arsing about,you fuckin`blert
by wilkie January 31, 2008
Top Definition
Someone who is below average intelligence
You is just a BLERT
by CORF February 12, 2003
Ehh it's alright.
1. "Hey man. Did you see that new Ben Affleck movie?"
2. "Blert."
by James ggg March 05, 2015
Literally a "black alert" for when women with chocolate fever want to alert their ladies that a hot black guy is in the premises.
"Daaaaamn--check out the blert to the right!"
by uneazy-e August 16, 2010
that thing you do when you do stuff
OH BOY! I just ran over someone in teh taco car! BLERT!
by Gagivan November 02, 2004
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