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The Blerm is a contraction of the terms "blumpkin" and "perm", and is used to denote a sexual act where a male receives oral sex in a toilet ("blumpkin") and then wipes his semen (or feces, if there is no toilet paper) on his sexual partner's hair upon completion of the sexual act. It is a common practice in certain bars in Conowingo, MD.
Man, that bitch sucked me off real nice in the toilet and then I turned her blumpkin into a blerm. That shitter needs more TP, by the way.
by Goldberg47 January 18, 2009
5 13
Black sperm.
"Did you blerm?"
"Is that blerm?"
"I'm going to blerm all over her booty"
by Shobzilla July 10, 2009
15 2
the mixture of blood and sperm
the bme pain oylmpics contained a lot of blerm
by bboots January 20, 2008
13 2
once a month, males experience an addition of blood to their sperm, thus creating a mixture of blood and sperm
Man it was my time of the month, and i blermed all over her.
by Sizzity Sack September 08, 2008
2 16