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A word commonly used in the gravesend area for a cigarette.
give us a blem cookie, i swear ill give it back tommorow......no lee get lost.
by RaNeOnE July 12, 2006
Polite exhortation to someone make a short, swift journey somewhere usually on an errand.
Will you blem down to the off-licence for me and get some kirsch for my kir royale?

The run-flat on your BMW 6 series has been slashed by vandals? Don't worry, I'll blem down to Insomnia and get you a double skinny latte!
by Paige Harrison April 30, 2007
a word you say when your in a really awkward position or when there is in awkward silence.
your standing in a group and theres an awkward silence

you say, "blem"
then evryone laughs and starts talking again
by cortneydemongodmosher May 20, 2006