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bloody semen, cum or jizz
bleemen is seminal fluids that have blood in them
by Syphilis Gonorrhea November 18, 2013
a mixture of blood and semen
Did you see all the bleemen on that zombies forehead? That was a crucial Bleemen shot!
by Drunky McFaceplant April 15, 2007
During anal intercourse, the ejaculate (semen) mixes with their partners anal blood.
Blood + semen = Bleemen
by Tony the Technician July 25, 2006
A sad and unfortunate event when a male ejaculates a combination of blood and seaman. The event is rare and usually catastrophic requiring the man to attend immediate medical attention
Girl: Your cum looks like a combination of mayonaise and ketchup.....
Man: Nooooooooooooooooooo!!!
Girl: Thats disguisting, your bleeman got all over my tits!
by clark2112 December 26, 2006