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Awesome hardcore band. Not much else to say about it.
The Bled's song "I Never Met Another Gemini" is one of the best on the CD.
by Scot November 21, 2003
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the bled originally a 5 piece band until bassist mike celi left, are a hardcore band oftern compared to bands like alexisonfire for obvious reasons. a great band, probably one of the best bands i've ever heard, combining hardcore screaming lyrics with melodic rythm guitar, and fast drum thumping.
obtain the song: Hotel Coral Essex
by bambiprophet February 26, 2005
Fucking ownege music!

The Bled will rip your face off.
I'd burn alive to keep you warm.
Another generic post-hardcore band. They all sound the same.
Scene kid - omigod i lurve the bled lolz
scene kid 2 - liek ohhh mah gawd.
Scene kid - the bled, a static lullaby, the used, armor for sleep, story of the year, alexisonfire, and hawthorne dykes are all of my generic hardxcorebandsxcorelolz
by Rob H August 28, 2005

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