The first album realeased by Nirvana. It was recorded for around $600 for the relatively new record label Sub Pop. All in all, it only ended up selling 35,000 copies, and those mostly around their native Seattle. Some diehard nirvana fans claim it is their best abum, others say that it shows promise but is not that great. Also, it is their only album before Dave Grohl became the bands drummer.
It has a much more raw sound than Nevermind, and overall is more true to the spirit of grunge.
Some good tracks off of Bleach are Love Buzz, School, Negative Creep, Blew, and Sifting.
by Rush8192 September 25, 2005
When the white man takes over and often causes the downfall of a person, place, or thing.

Comes from the fact that bleach makes clothes white.

To Bleach, Bleached, Bleaching

"Hey remember when rap used to actually mean something before it got bleached?"

"You call this crap HOT PEPPER SAUCE? Yeah, maybe for some cracker in Georgia! This hot sauce has been seriously bleached!"

"That's not how you play basketball! Who let those white boys in? They're bleaching the team!"
by teh 1337W422102 November 01, 2005
An anime that tries to compete with the hit series Naruto, but fails completely.
"I was watching bleach but then i was like forget this and turned on Naruto."
by Nara|Shikamaru August 26, 2005

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