noun, verb: acting crazy or stupid
Dude 1: "What's wrong with your girlfriend?"
Dude 2: "I don't know, man. She is blazing!"
or " I don't know, man. She is a blazer"
by wzylvr09 July 01, 2009
When old guys drive round looking for young guys to satisfy them sexually.
That dude "Rock_Is_Dead" wants to go out blazing tonight - I don't really swing that way....
by Chumpion February 16, 2007
hot to the point of absurdity (im not sure that is a word)
That guy is blazing!
by shooter August 03, 2005
Usually weight training, but also any other strenuous activity.
Just been blazing out some hivy hivy weights.
by bigdave December 30, 2003
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