omg!!! i dunno bout ne1 but i totally luv them...yer their music aint dat amazin but they r mega hot...n total beenies...k they may sumtymz b wannabe's and act black even tho only 1 of dem is black, but y do u haterz hate on them so much...they r 10 adolescent boys growin up, responsibly doin wat they wnt in life. i tink dat most ppl in da underground seen hate dem coz they jealous dat BS got on da tele n av nuff ppl cum watch their concerts which dnt hapen 4 underground defintition wud b = 10 boys dat r cute n jus learnin 2 grow up...n performin "good music" on da way...even tho most their fans r rude gyal wannabe'z and little 11year da way im not ne of those and i do kno good luv strider e 222 sexy
undergound performer: rah did u c dat batty bre wats his name strider from blazin squad in da chippy.
decent girl: omg where? n u can shut up bout batty bre, yr jus jealous yr stuck on channel U, while they r makin it big n hav thousands of peepz cumin 2 their concerts jus 2 c them..later ppl only cum 2 rave's jus 2 thro stuff at u.
underground performer: nah blad shut i got talent.
decent girl: haha u? talent? nah bruv wavin yr hands in da air..spittin jibberish aint talent.
by Cherry xxx April 04, 2005
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A bunch of talentless wannabe hardmen who's so called 'music' makes many people want to either vomit violently or die on the spot.
Listen to blazin squad?! I'd rather lube up and enter Mr T!
by The_Guru April 23, 2006
Blazin’ Squad. A bunch of talentless, brainless, pop music making, fake rapping…arse-heads.
See you at the Crossroads, crossroads, crossroads. X50.
by Laura June 03, 2004
those 10 british lads who think theyre well hard..
theyre them townies, pretending to be black but only one of them is. they're the dick heads who try to get number one spot by singing 'crossroads' and trying to rap and sing when they can't.
you'll find wannabe blazin squaders in the inner streets of your local town. they'll be wearin track suits n nike caps, tryin to rap though they're crap, they'll be suckin on lollies cos they think they're fags, sippin coke cans cause they're too young to buy booze, and speaking broken/street english.
oi u motherfuckaz we're blazin squad.. ehh the band ya dicks.
its dead wickid innit? we dont use propa names yo?! we named us spider, kenzie ehh we bling, check it... propa silva jewellery from claires accessories! ehh we the bomb!
we the best. we cant speak propa english. but woteva.. we kewl innit?
by mls July 08, 2004
bunch of phallaic whiteboys expouting
6 year old rhymes over playground beats exploiting pre-penetration Immature silly little girls on paperrounds.
Excrutiatingly embarrassing numbnuts Insulting real street music, hollow psuedo bad byoy hip pop bragging about how dangerous they are,this shit makes Ja rule sound like Busta Rymes. With all the talent of a spunked on tissue-utterly without redemption. Any hysterical bint disagreeing-It Is a democracy granted, but before humiliating yourself further please hear Nas, Roots, Jurassic 5, gangstarr etc etc avoid this colon coil.
"one question blazin squad?
Is there a God?
answer me you f'kin nimrod,
hate these boyband bellends,
what Im planning takes months to mend,
how many? 10?, no problem not with my samuri friend"
by El Cholo February 02, 2004
The epitome of Chav.
by Claire April 02, 2005
English Fools which try to rap to pop music.
The band Blazin Squadn (English)
by Frequen-c January 27, 2004
A bunch of 16 year olds who think der 'playa's' because a bunch of 8 year olds think they're fit. All of them try to rap and be gangsta's as they're tryin to cover up the fact they're extremely talentless and very homo.
Will soon be appearing in a Mc'donalds near you.
Oh kenzie i love you!

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