A group of burberry twats mc'ing about having to be in bed before 9pm.
The fact that more people remember them because Kenzie was on Celebrity Big Brother than for their "music".
by Lee Bryan March 08, 2005
1. A bunch of chavs who make a lot of noise but are no real threat, hence, a flash in the pan.

2. A boy band who pretends to be hard by giving themselves silly names (Reepa, Rocky B, Kenzie, etc) and thinking they're from the ghetto, when in reality they're a load of suburbian pretty boys with no talent whatsoever. Probably in 10-15 years time all of them will be married to random "normal" women with 2.4 kids and a Ford Focus and a steady job. Talk about life on the streets!
1. Hide your Burberry, here comes a Blazin Squad.

2. Anyone who likes Blazin Squad and wouldn't kick them out of bed is either a) deranged b) desperate or c) both.
by KHD August 31, 2004
Guy 1: "I saw blazin squad tonight!"
Guy 2: "You went to one of their concerts?"
Guy 1: "No I walked past the chip shop."
by the coolest guy ever February 29, 2004
A pop/r&b group that started of with the single 'Crossroads' a cover of the Bonez Thugs & Harmony classic.

Followed the only number one up with Love On The Line, Reminisce, Where The Story Ends, We Just Be Dreamin', Flip Reverse and Here 4 One.

Ten 'Chav' members: Strider, Freek, Reepa, Melo-D, Kenzie, Tommy B, Plat'num B (Formally Rocky B), Spikee, Flava, and Krazy.
A Successful Pop/R&B Group.

(all data added was on May 26th 2005)
by Haburb May 26, 2005
A boy band consisting of middle-class British teenagers. Make immature "raps"- and I'm using the term quite looseley- over beats more simplistic than the spice girls. Set up a pretence of being dangerous. Would get seven shades of green shit kicked out of them by anyone who isn't a 12 year old fan of theirs.
Member of BS: Mummy! The gangsta's are after me!
by Gumba Gumba February 21, 2004
a group of adolescent males who like to talk improper english and tap themselves vigorously in the chest whilst looking mean and moody. also all have plastic bedsheets
look at wee sid, he's so blazin squad
by elvis January 29, 2004
a pop group of wannabe townie british gangstas that go on hard and start singing about love etc etc..
and also re-made "the crossroads" by bone thugs n harmony and ruined tha songs rep.
i have no example.. blazin squad suck suck suck big time big time big time
by bizzy blokta November 09, 2004
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