A half asian, half black person. Usually looks more black with asian eyes. Has a sexy name usually as well. 5 letter name, 2 letter nickname
That blazian over, I love his name and his body is so sexy.
by Sabre1337 July 17, 2012
Top Definition
A black and asian gurl
That blazian gurl is Black and Philippino(asian)
by Fat Kat September 12, 2004
Some of the most beautiful girls in the world. Mixed with Black and Asian
I love summertime in Philly cause of the blazians.
by PhillyKing12" January 07, 2006
A really hot half black half asian girl.
Did you see that Blazian girl!!!! Damn.
by dango fett August 25, 2005
This means u are half asian and half black.
Ex:Kristen Dufuchard she lives in New Orleans, Lousiana. She goes to McMain Magnet School.
by Dich Nguyen December 12, 2003
a person who is both black and asian. (like me)

if its a girl she usually looks black but has good hair and slanted eyez
U kno that one blazian guh she is fyne as hell.
by SeXXi KaY KaY April 11, 2005
An Asian person who pretends (or has themselves convinced) that they are black.
"Wo, bruh, did you see the Blazian Asian back there?"
"Ya, I did. She was speaking Japanese and eating fried chicken at the same time."
by jkgnkf July 18, 2015
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