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When someone worse than you at a game accuses you of cheating at a game, and not trying to hide it.
*Leet guy* head shot by 0wn3d yU

*leet guy* omfg your so blatant!!!
*own3d yu* nah i heard you walking
by Tylerspaam April 30, 2005
Very noticeable; used in reference to rude or malicious intent/behavior.
His blatant favoritism didn't win him many firends amongst the other competitors.
by Diggity Monkeez March 28, 2005
Most commonly used for 'obvious', but also just an adjective used as a sentence enhancer.
"You're looking quite blatant today!"
"Pscht, blatantly!"
by Jacki and Molly December 22, 2007
London word, used as padding out of a sentence or as emphasis.
That gyal is blatant(ly) beenie star, get me?
by LBU November 08, 2003
to be amazing non-legit and hack ur balls off.
missy: yah look at my blatant brother kaymize, hes just hackin all his skill away!
by Ally aka missy November 18, 2004
Three-syllable word used to pad sentences and present the reader/listener with the impression that the writer/speaker is more literate than he actually is. See also, "obviously", "apparently".
omg this song is blatantly subtle!!11
by Captain Kewl May 04, 2005
A fancy word that mods+ use and Seguro does not understand
The warning read "Fuck you" so I warned it for blatant flaming.
by VegnaBlitz August 17, 2006