Masturbating while taking a duce. The masturbatory equivalent of a blumpkin.

It is unknown if the word originated as a portmanteau, or if it simply came about as an accurate description.
Me: Oh god what did Jim eat?
John: I have no idea, but he sure is making a lot of noise...
Jim: Oh sorry guys, I'm just doing some blasturbation in here, I'll give a courtesy flush. You should try it yourself, it's pretty great!
by Troop116 February 25, 2012
Top Definition
Creative and unrelenting blastbeats in metal music, usually found in grindcore or brutal death metal.
Did you hear the drummer from that grind band? Total blasturbation.
by Mark May 26, 2004
Noun: An effect occurring after such extensive periods of masturbation. The effect will either be that of: lack of semen or "cum"; or no semen at all.
"Haha Dan can't cum."
"Dude, I just have blasturbation real bad!"
"Dan, no. You just can't cum."
by hank kaplan May 27, 2008
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