a word used commonmly to denote dissatisfaction and disgust toward a person or situation.
Person one: Hey We're gonna go see hanson tonight!
Person two: Blarg!
Person one: What?
by Kelley Pitts November 19, 2003
1. A sigh of angst/depression, at times used to express boredom.
2. Can be interpreted online as a "splooge" by a unique blonde named lauren.
1. Blarg, it's done nothing but rain the past week. This sucks.
by Nick W. August 07, 2003
To ejaculate a large multi-coloured load.
Jesses sister licked up my Blarg last night, her tongue looked like a rainbow.

Jesses sister had blarg on her lip when she went out on a date with matt young, so matt took her around back of a zellers and when she took off her shirt he blarged in his pants as usual!

HAHAHA dude that guy blarged on jesses sister.
by Andrew Fenske April 19, 2008
In New Zealand programmer slang, blarg and wibble are used as default variables, much like foo and bar.
So if we try and access the next element in blarg, we get wibble instead.
by Cory Shanks March 03, 2004
To feel unhappy.
"Dude, I feel so blarg right now"

"OMG, I can't believe he did that to me! I feel soo blarg!"
by Michael Fried July 10, 2008
(v.) The action of shooting cough drops out of your ass at someone or something.
Chris, if you go blarg that hobo, I'll give you $5!!
by Du Rag April 02, 2005
Blarg is an all-powerful creature beyond possible human comprehension. Blarg cannot be defeated by anything. Ever.
Blarg should be the ruler of the Universe, as he is so awesome.
by Metal4 August 05, 2004

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