A word used to express either agressive frustration, or indifference.
"you're fat"
by Chump August 15, 2003
The sound covenant elites make from the "Halo Series"
Spartan1 "SHOOT THAT THING!!!"
by thundadragon August 07, 2011
all the other definitions are bullshit. this word was made by mike and kev and they know the true meaning. bitches.
Mike and Kevin blarged that friday night.
Holy Blarg ! That's not an Indian, is it ?!
by BlargBoyz February 05, 2010
What you say when an unattractive woman hits on you in a public place, you get in her face and say BLARG while sticking out your toungue and letting EVERYONE see you doing it
Hi my name is Tina, I weigh 362 lbs.......BLARGGGG
by Joeinchicago March 08, 2008
The sound of blood rushing up the throat as somebody is screaming making the scream gargled. It is now used in several different manners, nearly all of which have nothing to do with this effect. Blarg usually occurs just prior to death.
Blarg, I am defeated.
by Bikkusu May 17, 2006
Used as an insult against a fat hobo.
Dude 1: That is the ghettoest town ever.
Dude 2: There were so many blargs.
Dude 3: Yo.
by Comutest April 26, 2009
A term used to generalize the concept of one persons aggravation towards another person. Similar to 'complaining', yet more enthusiastic. Can also be used as a noise to convey the first persons aggravation towards the second person, sort of used as an example to show just how angry the person was.
"Man I hate it when my mom keeps blargin' at me like that."
"BLARRGG, James! Stop being such a homo!"
by Adam Urbas September 09, 2007

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