A word that can mean anything.
"Blarg I am dead!"
"You piece of blarg!"
"Blarg you!"
"I blarged the test."
by Joho January 29, 2004
WTF or F*** u. also sh*t
Person 1: u study for da test!
person 2:Blarg! i forgot we had an test.
by M.C.(Toast1124) November 23, 2010
A obese women with greasy characteristics..and a Gothic approach to life.
"oh shit there's a BLARG!"
"look at that BLARG over there eating kittens"
by LyalLyalLyal May 09, 2010
Creepy sex offender pedifile child molester.

Also , a noise produced by an asshole.
"Your eyes are well spaced" - BLARG
by Max Thundercock April 16, 2010
Something to use when one is at loss for words or one is having a difficult time expressing his or her feelings, mixed up, depressed, and/or tired and worn out.
He was feeling blarg.
by Kaylee Buttons October 08, 2007
Interjection usually used to describe discomfort.
Blarg... I don't feel good today.

BLARG! PIRATES! Inside joke. Sorry XD
by Matt July 27, 2004
a word that pretty much means whatever, usually associated with the negative. It conveys frusteration, confusion, or is sometimes in defeat. And sometimes it just feels right.
"Blarg. I give up." or "Blarg. ! have no life." Never to be used like this: "Like,oh my gawd, I mean, blarg gurl, he was toally hott."
by whscubana November 25, 2003

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