Slang term for Elites in Halo 3.

Lets go kill some Blargs!

awwww... you just got PWNed by a Blarg...

Are you going to take that from a Blarg!
by 1r4d13 April 07, 2008
Blarg is the action of crawling inside a small hole, typically being a vagina opening, and peeing until you cum all over the woman's intestines.
>Reece performs unbirth
>crawls inside vagina opening
by iPeeBlocks October 28, 2014
A pirate's web-log
Blackbeard, have ye seen what Anne Bonny has been sayin' 'bout ye on her blarg?!
by thecomplete180 March 09, 2011
an act of randomness when someone walks in a room
what the hell did you come in here and start saying sashin? that was a total blarg.
by lladnar August 19, 2009
A word that can be substituted for almost any other word. Would make southpark better if instead of blocking out the f-word they would just replace it with blarg instead.
Cartman: Dude give me your donut you blargin jew.
Kyle: No way fatblarg
Cartman: You will respect my authorita and give me the mother-blargin donut before i kill you, you jew
Kyle: I said no fat-blarg
Stan:yah get your own donut fat-blarg
Kenny: Mmpfh
Cartman: Screw you guys im goin home.
by Are-man August 01, 2009
anything you want it to mean. Can be anything.
"Dude i was totally blarging in my room when my dad walked in it was so blarg."
"Dude theat's so blarg"

"Shut the fuck up you blarg!"
"well at least i dont blarg on blarg all blarging day fucktard."
by Waytoomuchbakingsoda May 21, 2009
Derived from the ancient Incan word "Blurg" meaning:
Anything and everything that can be said at this point in time"
p1: Blarg
p2: That's deep man...
by Brett of the Ages April 14, 2008
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