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Derived from the ancient Incan word "Blurg" meaning:
Anything and everything that can be said at this point in time"
p1: Blarg
p2: That's deep man...
by Brett of the Ages April 14, 2008
Slang term for Elites in Halo 3.

Lets go kill some Blargs!

awwww... you just got PWNed by a Blarg...

Are you going to take that from a Blarg!
by 1r4d13 April 07, 2008
A word that can be used in place of any other word.
go blarg yourself.
by DJUMS June 05, 2010
The only word in the history to mean absolutely anything. It is basically the wild card of Vocabulary. "Blarg" Can mean anything mostly used by people who cant think of a single word used to explain what they mean.
Usage: God-"Blarg it"
You stupid Mother-"Blarg"
Why dont you go "Blarg" your "Blarg" you "blarg"
by The Physcedelic Godfather February 01, 2010
Anything and Everything. Blarg has no limits.
Did you here that Blarg got closed down for blarg?
(Did you here that McDonalds got closed down for infestation? could be what it means but you decide)

Holy crap! Did you see that blarg?
by Blargtie December 02, 2009
an act of randomness when someone walks in a room
what the hell did you come in here and start saying sashin? that was a total blarg.
by lladnar August 19, 2009
A word that can be substituted for almost any other word. Would make southpark better if instead of blocking out the f-word they would just replace it with blarg instead.
Cartman: Dude give me your donut you blargin jew.
Kyle: No way fatblarg
Cartman: You will respect my authorita and give me the mother-blargin donut before i kill you, you jew
Kyle: I said no fat-blarg
Stan:yah get your own donut fat-blarg
Kenny: Mmpfh
Cartman: Screw you guys im goin home.
by Are-man August 01, 2009