A statement of frustration or other forms of displeasure.
(Player 1 dies)
Player 1: BLARG!
by Argothin December 30, 2007
from the Olde Alien "blarge"; yes
Church - "Does 'blarg' mean yes?"
Alien - "Blarg"
Church - "Holy shit! I speak alien!"
by Leonard.Church June 05, 2009
The exact origin of blarg is unknown, though many claim to have invented the word. Many contend that it is a relatively recent addition to the vocabulary - that it has only been around, perhaps, for less than 20 years - while others are confident that its origin can be traced back to biblical times, but no proof exists for either theory.

Blarg is a nonsense word used to replace virtually any other word in the English language. Known to replace simple greetings like hello, melancholic resignations like oh well, as well as endearments like sweetie and profanity like mother-fucker, the exact definition is based on the situational context and the speaker's tone.

Being more flexible than other such nonsense words, blarg can also be used to replace entire sentences and even simple conversations, though those situations often depend on facial expressions and even the use of props or hand movements to further define the word usage.
Inquiry: "Blarg?" (quizzically holding out a cigarette) "No thanks, I don't smoke."

Profanity: "What the blarg is that blarg doing? Get the blarg off the road!"

Endearment: "Blarg! You shouldn't have!"

Resignation: "Blarg, man..."

Greeting: "Blarg!"
by Helbereth February 24, 2010
a word said when there is nothing else to say. Usually blarg is stated when the speaker is either defeated or just plain bored and has nothing else to say.
Chey: "the sky is green.."
Nick: "actually.. *points up* its blue"
Chey: "..... well.. uh .. >_< Blarg!"
by ch3yoo7 February 06, 2010

o snap, crud, darn!
"o blarg i totally forgot that lightbulb!"
by hug6trees August 02, 2009
1. Used to express out loud any overbearing feeling (angst, anger, surprise etc.)
-- From LiveJournal, first use c.1998, "blarg, it's hard"
2. General term of pain, usually followed by "im ded"
-- From *chan, first use undocumented
3. Dead or dysfunctional; killed.
-- From *chan, first use undocumented
1. Blarg, she'll be here in an hour! Where's the damn net?!
3. link blarg'd, reupload pls
by !MNc99 January 07, 2007
it means anything you want
1st guy: hey dude whats your favorite color
2nd guy: blarg
1st guy: ...interesting
by LINK8000 May 16, 2011

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