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Blarg Rock: Refers to an old Bloom County cartoon with "Billy and the Boingers" rock band watching Ozzy on stage. To quote Ozzy in Bloom County, "Bleeep, Blaaag, Bloop, Blaaarg!! Take it Benny!!! (Ozzy then thinks, "Hang in the Oz. There's a nice spot of hot tea waiting back at the Holiday Inn.)"

Adapted defintion, Blarg Rock: Screeeeching guitar, belching crude vocals, unncessary volume. (Think Pearl Jam strangling cats with L7, on a bad day, through blown speakers.)
Dood, I just got the new "Screech monkeyhead douchebags" album! They use a busted-up powerdrill for a guitar on every track!

Wha? That stuff is just crap Blarg Rock.
by BlueDevilBill April 03, 2009

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