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When you hit a vaporizer and smoke a blunt, and then become blunted and vaped.
"Yo dude did you hit that vape last night?" -Guy 1
"Ya man and after that blunt, i was blaped." -Guy 2
"Yeah I was so fucked up I was making up words and had the worst munchies!" -Guy 1
#blape #blunt #weed #vaporizer #high #stoned
by Im stoned off my ass September 22, 2010
When you wake up from being passed out, and you find a girl between your legs performing oral sex without consent.
That girl who wouldn't leave me alone at the party last night, found me passed out and blaped me.
#blowjob #bj #rape #passed out #sex
by SacStatePimp May 27, 2009
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