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A reference to a pair of legs that have a little defined end of the calf area as well as a little defined beginning of the ankle area.
Erin hasn't quite graduated to the cankle status, but her blankles are working on it.
by A-FIZZ May 30, 2008
Basically black man ankles
Muhammed has such blankles
by Carlos the moleman July 13, 2009
verb: to add "le" on to the end of your daily vocabulary. Usually done when a lazy stoner attempts to create a code-language.
Geoff: "Hey dude lets go chardle."

Kug: "duuuude that last bluntle got me way too bakled."

Geoff: "You're too high?"

Kug: "Geoff you're a damn knowsker, learn to Blankle."
by Kugweirdo March 15, 2011