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The name Blandgela is derived from 'Bland' meaning "devoid of any distinctive or stimulating characteristics", and 'Angela' meaning "Small, short catlike person. Very easy to tease, but there's no reason to tease an Angela because they're very sweet." A Blandgela is a tan italian female, who in the summer is typically referred to as a "Tangela" (not to be confused with a sexual move where multiple men tangle up their dicks and attempt to have sexual intercourse with the women. Although Blandgela's wouldn't oppose). Blandgela's, or Blandge's, are often seen sporting multi-colored nike's or nursing pants. They are mostly known for their extraordinary hand-jobs, or "handgela's." Blandgela's, although rare, can usually be found in afghangela driving a white vangela. Important to note that when encountering a Blandgela, a popular defense technique is to scream "Mama Mia!" as loud as possible. They don't like that shit..
Bob: Oh shit there's a Blandgela!

Andy: What?! Can it teach me how to Dougie?

Bob: ... no... but it can give you a handgela.

Andy: Deal
by FOXXXXXXY November 15, 2010
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