A rude comeback or action which surprises the other person or persons which is used by others not the person to say the comeback.
She's more stupid than a donkey.

Wow, you're really blan dude.

I hate her, she's really ugly. She'll never get a boyfriend.

Why are you so blan?
by dangerouslypurple November 05, 2010
something that is good
That's blan!
by jamesymobilio August 23, 2003
A Plan created out of pure boredom; an event made between two people because they dont have anything else to do.
Dave: Yo Randall I'm Bored

Randall: Ya me 2

Dave: Wanna go get some food or something

Randall: Well we have nothing else to do...

Dave: Well I guess we have a Blan
by twirk787 March 11, 2011

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