Someone who spams blogs in order to obtain backlinks to their own site.
"I had another blammer today, left some garbage comment to try and get a backlink"
by SimmoDaz February 16, 2008
Top Definition
A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, specifically made with blackberry jelly.
Hey y'all, you guys didn't leave me enough jelly to make a blammer.
by big_dawg1 February 17, 2010
The unattractive girls that get into parties because their friends are hot. (Or if they sneak in/are on the list somehow)
Bro Chad only hooks up with straight blammers
by YoungGWIL January 06, 2016
A shiny or pimped out gun, usually for decoration, drug lords, or rich people that want to feel powerful.
"Aye pass me that blammer, bouta pop these fools in in style"
by Stillbrazy June 18, 2016
To hit or be hit by something/someone with great force. To be highly intoxicated.(blammered) adj used also to describe hard hitting energetic music.
Did you see That guy in the bar?he was totally blammered on vodka.

Went to the driving range yesterday . Absolutely blammered 200 golf balls into orbit.
by Drydentested August 03, 2013
a roller derby player who usually plays the position of blocker, who plays as the teams jammer.
holy crap did you see that jammer take out the pack on the way through?!

yeah shes a total blammer
by mcdie January 21, 2012
a joint, dube, dubitron, marijuana cigerette, blunt etc
"You guys blammin a blammer?"
by Hank December 21, 2004
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