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This is characterized as a situation in which you blame a really rank fart on a dog, usually your own, and typically in the company of other people so nobody suspects you.

Warning: this term is only to be applied in the most dire circumstances. The result of over blame-farting is the perception that you are overly insecure about your flatulence, and everybody will begin to suspect you.
Jack: Ah, who ripped one?!

Jen: That is putrid!

Josh: *nervously* EWWW, Fido that is disgusting. Sorry guys, Fido has been pretty gas-ish lately.

Jack: I'll say, wow.

Jen: No way, Josh. That was a total blame fart. It was you. We all know Chao Mein does it to you.

Josh: *face reddens*
by pi@noguy December 07, 2010
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