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Blake Bliss is a Canadian youtuber who does silly and random videos, as well as some songs. Blake is a very friendly, silly, nice, etc. He calls his fans 'pandas'. Unfortunately, Blake is a very unknown youtuber who deserves to be more known. Every Monday, he does a You Now which he calls 'music monday' where he performs various songs of his and talks with the viewers. It makes Mondays worth looking forward to.
Person 1: Did you see Blake Bliss's You Now on the 22nd of April?
Person 2: Yes! We kept on distracting him because we love him.
by BBPanda April 24, 2013
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1. Someone in the band "Letterbox Black" with Aeson Bliss. This person is also in the band VOSQQ, makes really good youtube videos, rants at unexpected moments, and has a great family, online and off.


2. Someone who dedicates their life working intensely and helping others with emotional troubles when they really need it the most. This person is very spiritual, caring, yet also has an amazing sense of humor.


3. Someone who babbles on and on then goes on more to tell us that they are babbling on and on. This person has a great sense of babble too.
Examples :

1. Person 1 : Like OH EM GEE!! last night, I like, went to a show with Letterbox Black in it, and like, Blake Bliss was like, totally great on his harmonica!


2. Person 1 : That person work so hard! He loves to help people too.

Person 2 : I know! People say that person is very spiritual too. And caring. And funny.

Person 1 : That person is such a Blake Bliss.


3. Person 1 : That person can really babble, and they know it.

Person 2 : I know! And they know when others are babbling!

Person 1 : They MUST be a Blake Bliss.
by Sabriny June 22, 2009
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blakebliss is a...sort of emo kid on youtube who makes random videos about anything and everything. kind of funny. but mostly not.
hes part of a band called VOSQQ, made up of and loved by emo people
XXgunsXXgoXXbangXX: omgahhhhhh that video of blakebliss haning from the tree?? and did u hear their new song?? the one when theyre screaming throughout the whollle thingg??

xxMurdaXmUrdaXX: omgahhh yess i luvv them!!!!
by Reegan November 15, 2007
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