- Blake (it),:

-To Blake something is to monumentally destroy something, cause a debacle, or fuck something up, in a fashion that only Blake Wood could.
Anecdotal example- If one were to break their car key in the ignition-one could say "He Blaked it!"

-To Blake something can also be a minor inconvenience you cause to a group of people. Eg. Inviting everyone to a weekend getaway, running out of phone battery, and sending everyone to the complete wrong address. "You Blaked it! You fuck."
by Blakefan December 16, 2013
A Blake is typically the whitest kid in school. Some may consider "Blakes" as tools who teachers think are retarded. Blakes think they are tough meanwhile can't kill mosquito's without being upset. If they don't become rich they are in trouble for they are incredibly lazy. Watch out Mexican's!!!!
Colby: Professor Jones thinks Bob is a Blake.

Armand: Uhh I know!

Colby: I also feel bad for Rodrigo since Bob was being a Blake to him.
by ayobreezy210 July 24, 2011
To try something in extreme sports/action sports and fail miserably.
I tried paddling out into double overhead waves at the Strand and got totally blaked.
by Public Pretender July 06, 2011
Scrawny male who pretends to be a cool guy but is really a cry baby and cries whenever he loses. Usually has a face full of acne and gets terrible grades not because he doesn't try but because he's a dumbass with no common sense. Tends to be a man-whore who puts his tiny dick in whatever hoe he can find. Searches for pity in hot girls that would otherwise ignore him in hopes of getting their attention. Is cocky about sports that he sucks at.
Blake: hey
Hot Girl: ...
Blake: my dad hates me
Hot Girl: aw!
Blake: suck my dick?
Hot Girl: but your so ugly!
Blake: my dad hates me
Hot girl: aw ok I guess i'll do it
by holcamara July 10, 2015
A slightly naive, sort-of funny guy. Burps loudly in math/science class. When a girl breaks up with him, he acts like a total jerk. He's cute, but once you get to know him you'd rather stay in the friend zone. A great friend to have and talk to, but just a friend.
Blake: *buuuurp*
Me: You're so gross.
Blake: I know.
by O-grrrl May 05, 2011
One of the funniest people you'll ever meet. Keep him around because you'll never stop laughing. Be warned, he sucks at video games so bad, that Playstation herd he was going to buy one of their consoles, that they've been holding down their network three entire weeks to stop him from coming over.
That guy is worse than the noobs, it must be Blake.
by DevourerOfSouls May 11, 2011
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