A smart, funny, and sexy girl who is always loyal to her friends. She is a beautiful, caring, and talented person. She loves to party and have fun! She is bubbly and bright.
That Blake is one hot girl!
by TheGirlNextDoor191 December 20, 2010
A very caring and sweet guy. He is also very cute and smart. Many girls will fall for him but out of them all he only loves one. The one he loves is a very lucky woman.
I love Blake so much, he's so nice
by dude4634 June 01, 2013
A guy that I totally love with all my <3 and will forever(:
Yep, that pretty much covers it. <333.
Um, I love Blake?
by ILikeGlitter June 16, 2011
(Noun) A Blake is person who is indecisive and when asked to makes decisions will respond with phrases such as, but not limited to;
"I don't care"
"Doesn't matter to me"
Blakes are usually easy to spot because of their florescent white/pale skin. If one is trying to attract or hunt a Blake, one should use Orange Crush soda pop, assorted Starburst flavors, and large bags of Original Lays chips to bait a Blake.

Also see "Blaking Out"
"He won't decide anything. He's being such a Blake."
"Quit being a Blake and choose something."
by B. Brine March 16, 2014
sexy feind that seduces women by showing them his masculinity and toungue.
Blake, "hey ladies"., then ladies reply, "i wanna do you but i can't, no but i must you are so seducing"
by UPUP&AWAY69 June 30, 2010
A sexy,charming,smart man who is a killer with the ladies and loves to party. Blake has a beautiful girlfriend named Vanessa who is everything he is plus more. You never want to mess with a Blake because he will fuck you up
Classmate:"Oh shit Blake's talking to my girlfriend!!!"
Other classmate :"You can say goodbye to her Blake never fails when it comes to anything especially the ladies
by ALASKAROCKS907 July 24, 2015
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