Famous for being close to the town Jimmy Stewart was born in. Also known for their Underground Railroad museum even though most Blairsville people are extremely racist.
Man: I want to go somewhere cool. How about Blairsville?
Woman: Then why do you want to go to Blairsville?!
by UrbanDicksOnSherry July 26, 2011
Top Definition
A useless town with a very small population and full of corrupt cops and old people
i live in the shitty town of blairsville
by Zack Reed August 22, 2008
A town in north Georgia with absolutely nothing to do and nowhere to go. The fun hang-out place is a Wal-Mart, and almost everyone is homophobic and/or racist.
John: Hey, Billy, do you want to go to Blairsville?
Billy: Hell no! That place is so boring!
by Rawrofl December 04, 2011
a small ass town in the middle of nowhere pretty much.(Pennsylvania) woot woot we have a venue which is "The Corner Pocket" owned by Frank Denara oh and we we have shit ass skate park and all the little sluts go down there. and we have a sheetz and walmart. so we got kind of lucky. and blairsville is full of skater punk kids. and hussies. :]
Hey man where you going?
-groans- "Blairsville, that shit town"
by Kg Jelly. July 15, 2008
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