town where Tim Mota resides
Cop: Where are you from?
Driver: Blairstown.
Cop: Huh?
Driver: Where Tim Mota lives.
Cop: Oh right, gotcha. ;)
by seanie rayray holla back March 21, 2009
Top Definition
A little town in Northern NJ, mainly comprised of farmers, confused kids who only hang out at the A&P and rich older people. Blairstowns known for sucking kids in and having them go nowhere in life, becoming blairstown losers/bums. Rich preppy kids from Blair Academy waste their parents money on drugs and more drugs.. a nice little town, come visit.
Jay: What are we doing tonight in Blairstown?
Mark: What we do everynight, chill at the A&P parking lot.
Jay: Nice!
by Dkopp022 September 29, 2005
A small town in NJ by the Delaware, where all the kids doing nothing with their lives but do drugs, drink, party, and bridge jump. It's so small basically everyone knows everyone. The only places to hang out are Footbridge, A&P, tressels, and the gas stations. Most of the kids are wanna be rednecks, when most of them have never even been on a farm.
All the redneck wanna bees in Blairstown are down at the bridge getting wasted and shooting up.
by Scumbum May 15, 2008
A rural, back woods, wide-spread town in Northwestern NJ made up of wealthy expensive baby boomer homeowners and farms, hick drunks, drunk kids of hick drunks, bored teenagers hanging out at the A&P or Dairy Queen, and spoiled students at Blair Academy, an expensive, snobby private school whose beautiful campus starts in downtown where there are a dozen rich shops for the more fortunate.
A lot of out of town visitors end up in Blairstown by accident, lost on their way to area attractions: the Delaware Water Gap, Weird NJ explorers looking for the Paulinskill Viaduct, hikers headed to the Appalachian trail which runs through part of the town, families headed to the Land of Make Believe, a theme park water park in the middle of nowhere that's actually in Hope, but the towns are thought of as the same.
Beautiful landscape but less than beautiful townies that are perpetually stuck and drunk in this odd town because they're bored out of their mind in this town and have nothing to do but smoke weed and get drunk in the woods.
But Never buy bud in B-town- you’ll be overcharged and get nothing but seeds. The good stuff comes from dealers in PA or go way back to civilization closer to the city.

"Friday the 13th" was filmed in Blairstown in parts of downtown by Blair Academy, a spooky cemetery, the Blairstown Diner and Camp NoBeBoSco (Boy Scout camp). This gives the town an even creepier feel once you watch the movie once or twice.
Townie: Let's go smoke a blunt downtown Blairstown at Blair.

Child: Mom Can we go to the Land of Make Believe in Blairstown (that's really in Hope)
by APastBlairstownPartier February 17, 2013
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